Gordon GCA 1.2.8

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Gordon GCA 1.2.8

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:12 am

Finally, 1.2.8!

Was tested by the staff, special and trusted members and it there were no problems.

1)Start Combat Arms, Join server, find game.
2)Play the game.
4)If your GCA 1.2.8.exe file is not on your desktop, find it. Once you find GCA.exe open it. Right click and run as administrator (IF ON VISTA).
5)Run Patcher.
6)Go back into the game, you should see the GCA 1.2.8 icon at the top left corner.
7)Press Insert and scroll down to misc then open up misc and turn on your megaskills Smile.

Download it only from the official downloadslinks (below).



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